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Brief introduction to" Town of China Stainless Steel"--Caitang
Author: Shengfa Stainless steel Time: 2008-7-13
Caitang,ChaOan,Chaozhou,is granted as the " the stainlee stell country of china".The board chairperson of China hardware institute came to chaozhou to designate the title.

Accroding to statistics,there are 750 stainless steel manufacturer in Caitang.The output value is 16,800,000,000 yuan per year.It takes 70% of the total industrial and agricultural output vavel of the whole town.Last year,the whole town had exported about 70,000,000 yuan stainless steel.

Accroding to introduction,because of the good manufacture basic, consummate art technology and sharp market insight of Caitang people , Caitang stainless steel develop quickly.Today,nearly all Caitang enterprises have their own brand.438 projects have apply for patent,and two products have assessed as "famous brand product of Guangdong".There are 10 enterprises which have import and export authority.The product sell to everywhere of China,Euro,North America,Southeast Asia,Middle East ,etc,.Caitang is worthy of the name" professional stainless steel town "

Caitang is located in the Chaoshan Road.Last century 60's and 70's.the hardware manaufacture is very blossom.The medical device factory is the fixed-point medical device production base of China.With the rapid development of economy,most enterprises in Caitang can "Conforming to the Needs of the Times".They develop many new products,marching into the kitchenware,dinnerware market.Today ,there are 7 kinds enterprises ,they are stainless steel kitchenware and dinnerware,consruction and decoration, medical device ,stainless steel material ,and car parts.

As was reported, in order to meet the market demand.Caitang enterprises input 30,000,000 yuan to develop new product every year ." Brand established and innovation"is the slogan on Caitang government network.It is also the common aspirations of Caitang enterprises.The new year is coming, Caitang town has a new plan.They strive for supports from Guangdong Science and Technology Bureau,and apply for building a province grade innovation center of stainless steel in Caitang.They are declaring the regional area naming as "Town of China Stainless Steel"from nation ."A stainless steel kingdom "is expected to rise in Guangdong .
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