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Jiagelin home ware'series products were awarded the title of 'Chinese famous brand'by China light product quality guarantee center in January 2005.Also the enterprise has obtained the certificates of ISO9001,2000 international quality in 2003.


In the 1990s, in the era of self-made, the Southern Hardware Factory, the predecessor of Garing, was born. The brand of the times, engraved in industry, is the non-automation of the machine and the high density of labor; and engraved on the human body, is hard-working, honest and steadfast, the courage to open up personality traits, this is the "self-made" entrepreneurial spirit. When this spirit is integrated into the day-to-day operation of Garglin, it slowly forms its unique corporate culture.
At the beginning of 2000, the southern hardware factory was officially renamed Chaozhou Jialing Home Technology Co., Ltd. What changes is the brand name, the promotion is the technical craft, the precipitation is the production experience, but does not change, is the "self-made" enterprise culture.
A decade later, Jia Green's hard work, and now achieved the "Hongyu" brand came into being. If the Jiagling brand is the innovator of production technology and technology, then Hongyu brand is the advocate of lifestyle and concept. What changes is the brand concept, unchanged, is still the "self-made" spirit of enterprise.
What will Gargren look like in the next ten years?
Hardworking, honest and down-to-earth, the courage to open up is still our persistence.



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Chaozhou Jiagelin Home Technol.
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Chaozhou Jiagelin Home Technol.
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